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I am Super Proud to be collaborating with Scout The BootBlack to bring you the official merchandise.
As a mixed race gender fluid human I'm touched that I was asked to bring my skills of production and supply chain to help this project happen.
Your purchases will allow you to proudly show your support of Trans People of Color in our communities.
The money raised from this fundraiser will go to support Trans POC who live below the poverty line through direct support. Manged by the producers of Kinky Queer Weekend.
A message from Scout:
"Hi, I am Scout and I am so excited that my art "Queer Pride" is getting some traction. I created this in 2019 as a way to spread the message that we need to center Trans people, People of color, and specifically Trans People of Color in the queer community as a whole. There are no lines separating us as we are one big community that blends together and needs intersectional support. I am very excited about the T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanktops, Flags, and now stickers that we have to spread this art and this message.
As a Brown Queer Disabled Transman. This has helped me feel more supported in the community as a whole. anyways here is my art if you want to spread the word!"
#queerpride #queer #prideflag#qtbiopc #gay #BIPOC #trans#transman #gaytransman#queeractivism #queers

#queerpride #queer #prideflag#qtbiopc #gay #BIPOC #trans#transman #gaytransman#queeractivism #queers



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