About ME

MitaBear (or just Mita) I come with a lot of labels these are some of them: loyal, tattooed, queer, kind, polyamorous, intelligent, responsible, strong, mindful, pierced, powerful, kinky, reliable, spiritual, loved, recovering addict, resourceful, feminist, driven, facilitator, politically aware, piercer, beautiful, mentor, Master.  

I am based out of Atlanta, GA, USA but I get around a lot.
Growing up as part of the punk rock culture, stickers, buttons, patches and pins were part of our identity. I would spend hours in my youth decorating my car, locker, jacket, and vest as a form of self expression.  

A few years ago I couldn't find a couple of stickers that said what I wanted to say as i was decorating my filing cabinet at work. So I put on my design hat and got to work. I found a vendor with super high quality vinyl and made a small batch for friends and family. After this first batch in 2013 I would sometimes make one off batches for people as needed. Then in 2014, I was looking for some small elegant leather pride pins for myself and a couple of friends. The only way i could get them was 144 at a time so I made the investment and started listing the extras on eBay.

Now it's 2017 and I have a bunch of stickers, a handful of pins and I'm launching some t-shirts and other goods.  

I'm trying to help others express themselves and make the world a little prettier along the way.  

Do you have a design in mind that you'd like to see produced? Or a Logo for one of your projects? Email me about commission work.