QUEER PRIDE *Trans POC Community* Hand Flag 8.2" x 5.5"

  • $1.00

Hand Flag 8.2" x 5.5" / Plastic Rod 11.8" 

Color: bright and beautiful colors, durable and fade-resistant

Working in COLAB with Scout Hudson I am Proud to bring you the Official QUEER TRANS POC FLAG 

A portion from every will go help our Brown Trans Siblings

It is time that we center Trans People of Color in the Queer community. This shirt is a way to show your support of the community members that often fall to the edges. The money raised from this fundraiser will go to support Trans POC who live below the poverty line through direct support. Provided by the event producers of Kinky Queer Weekend.

KQW is an event for TLGBQ, PoC, sex-positive community. We’re in our second year of building an inclusive community and holding space to dismantle racism, sexism, transphobia, classism, fatphobia, and ableism. Help fund this event and help us create safe space to develop the foundations of a community that protects and highlights our most marginalized members while working to dismantle the oppression they face every day.